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Two musicians living under one roof, with their own recording studio to top it off. Sanne Verbogt and I have done exactly that! In 2016 we bought a beautiful building in Roosendaal together and turned this into a living and working area, which we now call ‘t Muziekhuis. A building in which we can go all out sharing our mutual passions of creating, recording and teaching music.

In ‘t Muziekhuis there’s not only room for rehearsing with different bands and projects, but we’ve also created a recording studio. We don’t just record our own music here, but also other people’s music or any commercial assignments. All the audio is of the highest quality!

In our studio we’ve recorded:

  • 2nd Line city – Verbraak van Bijnen | Spotify
  • Endless Road – Verbraak van Bijnen | Spotify
  • Slow turtle sundance – Ralph de Jongh | Spotify
  • Op de terugweg van nergens – Andre van den Boogaart| Spotify

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